Extra Item Costs

Costs for Extra Items

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a) Escorts for appointments or outings

£20 per hour (transport not included)

b) Hairdressing

At cost

c) Chiropody


d) Minibus Outing eg. Beach, Garden Centre etc.

(not more than once per month)


e) Pub lunch

(not more than once per month)


f) Dry cleaning

At cost

g) Clothing labelling requested

£45 one off

h) Therapies – aromatherapy/massage etc.

At cost

i) Deliberate or wilful damage

At cost

j) Tights, stockings and underwear purchased

At cost

k) Elected non-standard equipment or specialist medical equipment not provided by ANH or NHS

At cost

l) Newspapers

At cost

m) Continence products not supplied by NHS

£15 per box of 14 pads

n) Specific toiletries not supplied by home

At cost

o) Private car hire or taxi service to outside services

(unless an emergency vehicle)

At cost

Community Link £5.00 min

p) Administrative support

£20 per hour

q) Visitor meals

£3 per meal